Hawkins Inducion Based Futura Hard Anodised Cooker, 5 litres, Black

Amazon | Hawkins Inducion Based Futura Hard Anodised Cooker, 5 litres, Black

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Unique and Elegant Design with Smart Functions Your daily cooking chores can now be carried out with style. The Hawkins Futura hard anodised pressure cooker features a stunning futuristic design and combines it with amazing features that can make your cooking tasks a lot more fun. Featuring a smooth curvy exterior with a rich black finish, this pressure cooker comes with a unique pressure regulating system that allows you to manually release the pressure with your fingertips, thus preventing clogging of the steam vent. Experience true futuristic cooking with the Hawkins Futura pressure cooker. Designed for Versatile Use in the Kitchen Featuring a base that is compatible with gas stoves, induction, electric, ceramic and halogen-based cooktops, the Hawkins Futura pressure cooker is truly a versatile cooking tool that can be used anywhere. It features a 5 litre capacity that is ideal for cooking food for up to 7 people with ease, making this perfect for medium-sized families. Its perfect conduction properties ensures that heat is evenly distributed, resulting in higher energy efficiency and is ideal for some light frying before pressure cooking your food. Highly Durable Construction, Easy to Maintain Made from 60 micron thick hard anodised aluminium and featuring a double thick base that will remain flat, even with regular use, the Hawkins Futura pressure cooker is built to last for a long time. The durable construction of this pressure cooker also makes it fairly easy to clean and maintain using a simple soap solution with a cleaning sponge and avoiding abrasive cleaners.

₹ 4250
₹ 3850

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