Havells Vetro Digi Electric Kettle(1.7 L, Trasparent)

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Sometimes all one needs is a cup of steaming coffee to refresh themselves, whether at work or while traveling. To provide you with hot water or coffee whenever you need it, Havells brings to you this Vetro 1.7L electric kettle. With this kettle, you can also enjoy a bowl of tasty and spicy instant noodles, healthy and well-boiled eggs or a cup of black tea while you are on the move. Auto Shut-Off This electric kettle features an auto shut-off feature which switches off the appliance once the water boils. Dry Boil Protection This electric kettle also features a dry boil protection which automatically turns off the kettle if it doesn’t contain enough water. Water Level Indicator This indicator allows you to make coffee, tea or hot water in a specific quantity. You don’t have to unnecessarily make extra and waste it. Power Consumption With this Havells electric kettle, you don’t have to worry about paying high electricity bills as it consumes 2050 W of power which doesn't make a huge difference in your electricity consumption. Concealed Heating Element To offer utmost protection and to avoid electric shocks, this kettle comes with a concealed heating element.

₹ 4095
₹ 2799

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