Happilo Premium International Omani Dates, 250g (Pack of 5)

Amazon | Happilo Premium International Omani Dates, 250g (Pack of 5)

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Happilo has travelled the world to get the finest gourmet dry fruits, dried fruits, nuts, berries and dates, 100 percent natural and authentic. Indulge into the gourmet and grocery world of Happilo with awesome natural nuts and dry fruits along with the unique dry fruit mixes, fusions and flavoured dry fruits, healthy seeds and dried berries specially crafted for your taste and health. Happilo dry fruit gift boxes and festive dry fruits and nuts gift pack brings health, happiness and love to gift to your colleagues, friends and family. We bring you the taste and health together in single pack in the finest of packing, packed in an art of the state facility, certified by all majors like fssai, iso etc. Every Happilo pack is a perfect dry fruits gift for every festive occasion. Happilo product range includes dates like kalmi dates, medjoul dates, Omani dates, kimia dates and exotic nuts and berries like dried goji berries, hazel nuts, macadamia nuts, pecan nut kernels, pine nut kernels, exotic brazil nuts (amazon nuts) roasted Californian almonds flavours like magic masala, peri peri, salted, roasted jumbo flavours like green chilly cashews, lightly salted cashews, paneer tikka cashews, seeds like flax seeds, sunflower seeds, quinoa seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds roasted lightly salted, premium international products like dried whole blueberry cranberry super mix, super mix berries, heart healthy mix, Happilo healthy nutmix, party mix - lightly salted, nuts and berries, omega seed mix (roasted sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds), Happilo seeds and berries, trial mix, Happilo cranberries lovers mix, jumbo mamro almonds, 100 percent natural Californian almonds, Afghani anjeer, Turkish apricots, blueberries dried and sweet, whole cranberries, roasted salted pistachios, Californian pitted dried prunes, raisins like Indian kishmish/dry grapes, Afghani green raisins and Afghani black raisins, walnuts dry fruits without shell and California in shell walnut kernels, fancy dry fruit gift box, dry fruits gift box with fruits, dry fruits combo pack offers, assorted dry fruits, mixed dry fruits, dry fruits box, dry fruits container, dry fruits mix, dry fruits pantry, dry fruits gift pack, dry fruits mixed offer combo pack, mixed nuts and dry fruits and all ranges of dry fruits and nuts and berries. Natural, tasty and healthy Happilo Omani dates, also known as khajoor, are one of delicious farm fresh dates. Dates have the hidden quality of boosting energy instantly! Hence they are not just apt during festive season but are also a must-have snack for the entire year. It is superfood for super energy levels. Our products are packed under highest level of hygiene, retaining all the goodness of nature.

₹ 875
₹ 656

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