H-Store Multicolor Plastic Ice Cube Tray(Pack of6)

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H-Store Premium 6 Pcs Multicolor Polypropylene Ice Mold, Kulfi Maker/Stick/Cream/CandyDescription: Perfect for making homemade ice pops filled with your favorite juice, soda, sport drink, smoothie, or your favourite mix. Create healthy, money saving pops in your own freeze. You don't need an ice cream making machine to prepare frozen ice cream. Now you can make ice cream, kulfis, candies and other frozen delights in your own home with this ice cream molds. Making ice cream is just easy with these ice cream molds. Just fill the molds with the required ingredients and you can have frozen treats within just a few minutes. With these ice cream molds, you can have total control over your choice of ingredients and make your favorite ice creams, kulfis, frozen yoghurts, ice candies, frozen smoothies and juices, ice-cold coffee and other frozen treats. This ice cream mold prepares 6 Key-style ice candies at a time. It is made from high quality plastic, which is BPA-free and safe for making ice creams. Stick-holds in each mold keeps the pops firmly onto the sticks, preventing the pops from sliding. Ice cream pops come out easily out of the molds without breaking. These molds are designed to be drip-free and ice creams come out clean and easily. No more worries of what is used in Ice sticks, your Kids can also make it on their own. Easy To use, Easy to Clean

₹ 499
₹ 179

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