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Buying a high-end smartphone is well and good , but it's smart to keep a secondary phone in case of energencies. The Gfive is a useful and affordable mobiles that comes with a dual - Sim Feature. It all comes with a large and powerful battery which makes sure you have juice on your phone when it's needed Dual-SIM SlotsWith Dual- sim Capability , You can ensure that you do not get office calls on your personal Number1.8 inch DisplayThis Mobile comes with a 1.8 inch display which provides you with a clear view while making calls or textingDigital CameraIt Comes with a 1.3 MP rear camera that lets tou take pictures of your loved ones.Big BatteryThe powerfull 1000 mAh battery helps you avoid charging the phone frequently , and ensures that you have charge on you phone when you need it the most.Big SpeakerEnjoy The Feel of your favourite music tracks,Bluetooth ConnectivityIt comes with Bluetooth capability which lets you share audio, video, and images. Multiple AppsIt also provides popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and more to stay connected to the world. You can also browse the Internet for all the information you need.Wireless FMEnjoy listening to music hands-free via FM or through MP3 and MP4 files anytime and anywhere.Expandable MemoryWith an expandable memory of up to 16 GB, you can also save your images, music, and videos through an SD card.

₹ 1399
₹ 899

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