Ganesh Plastic Kitchen Tool Set, 6 in 1 Combo, Multicolour

Amazon | Ganesh Plastic Kitchen Tool Set, 6 in 1 Combo, Multicolour

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Pizza cutter with blade for smooth cutting of pizza and other items shape and designed for easy operation betting, blending, and liquidizing made easy with stylish and sturdy handy beater suitable for eggs cream, lassi, butter milk, dal, cold coffee and much more, easy to clean and safe manual operation with sturdy stainless steel blade for sharp cutting and long life span. Adjustable knob to adjust the slice thickness. Comes with safely holder for easy grip and smooth sliding with long handle for comfortable operation and easy handling made from quality stainless steel material suitable for all your grating needs for the kitchen with single spark gas lighting with long life guaranteed lighter with free knife attached her with knife set is a combination of three different knifes which fulfills all the cutting and chopping needs of your kitchen knife handle designed and made so as to give comfortable, soft and anti- slip grip sharp edges of the knives give finest cutting performance and with no need sharpening for long lasting usage

₹ 610
₹ 251

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