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The Game of the States Board Game from Funskool can greatly motivate your children to learn all about the states of India at a very early age; they can impress their peers and school teachers with their knowledge about the states, their capitals, important industries and products. The board game suitable for both boys and girls aged 6 years and above features 29 state cards, 6 union territories cards, 10 chance cards, 4 delivery trucks, 16 product discs, play money, 20 cheques, 2 spinner dials, 2 arrows and pegs, 1 game board and instructions. The objective is to drive around India and make money by buying and selling products; the player with the most money at the end of the game wins. Enhance your children’s educational growth while still having fun with the Funskool Game of the States Board Game. Objective Let your children learn Geography and enjoy their playtime together. With the board game your children will learn about where each state is located in India, their capitals and important industries and products. So get ready to drive around each state in your truck to buy products from one state and sell them to another. The player who will have more money at the end of the game wins it.

₹ 399
₹ 261

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