Fitkit FKYM02 Dual Layer Yoga Mat, 6mm (Blue/Green)

Amazon | Fitkit FKYM02 Dual Layer Yoga Mat, 6mm (Blue/Green)

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Don't you hate when yoga mats keep curling and won't lay flat every time. So do we. The Fitkit yoga mat is the best value yoga mat you will find on the market today. It's the ideal equilibrium of quality and durability. Typically yoga mats are - or so they say –6 mm in thickness, but we've seen, felt and tested a lot of those mats and they are made as cheaply as possible! The yoga mat by Fitkit is dual-layer by design for added cushion to support even the most advanced poses. Additionally, the dual-layers supports two different grips. We made one side to firmly grip the floor and hide any stains that might occur over time from use. The Fitkit yoga mat is designed to be soft to touch, anti-absorbent (to prevent smells) while still providing anti-slip grip. Fitkit yoga mat certainly is reversible and usable on both sides! Either side is very easy to clean. Just like your yoga poses, we challenge you to give this quality yoga mat a try and feel the quality for yourself. You certainly can't beat it at this price! Oh yeah and it lays flat, every time. Yoga mats are very durable and can last you years, as long as you keep them clean and give them some care. Not only do you want it to look like new, but you want to guard against bacteria for your own health and that of others. To clean your mat, use light soap and water. Lay the mat flat on a clean surface. Gently wipe the mats down with a clean wet sponge or rag. Avoid using soaps with scented oils as they leave unwanted chemicals.

₹ 1999
₹ 519

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