FeelBlue Multi-Color Set of 6 Napkins

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FEELBLUE Microfibre is Very Soft - Excellent Absorbtion - Quick Dry - No Odor - Bacteria Free -Wrinkle Free - Easy To Wash - No Chemicals required - NO BLEACH- Light Weight - Lasts Hundreds Of Washes - Economical. FeelBlue Microfiber has fibers approx 1/100 of a human hair, with amazing ability to pick up and trap dirt coupled with superior absorbency and scrubbing power. This Microfibre unlike Cotton Cloths require no cleaning agent only WATER. So if you want a chemical free cleaner surface, choose FeelBlue microfiber! FeelBlue Microfiber will completely change the way people clean their homes, wash their cars, mop their floors, clean the dishes, crockery, cutlery, dry their pets, and even cleanse their bodies & dry their hair.Pack of 6Size: 30x30 cm

₹ 999
₹ 349

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