Enter EH-02A Wired Headphone With Mic(Black)

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<b>Mesmerizing Sound, Sonorous Bass</b> <p>The 40 mm driver speakers of the Enter EH-02A Wired Headphones release crystal-clear acoustics that let you make the most of your favourite movies, music and videos. You can hear precision highs, mid tones and deep bass vividly and distortion-freely due to the 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz frequency response range.</p> <b>Wire Jack Connector</b> <p>Insert the 3.5 mm wire jack of the EH-02A Wired Headphones into the audio port on your mobile phones, tablets, notebook PCs, MP3 players and more to playback your stored collections of audio visual content. You can watch movies, listen to tracks, play games or view videos - in each case, the rich audio produced by these EH-02A Wired Headphones will add a punch to all your audio files. Plus, the EH-02A Wired Headphones support an impedance level of 32 ohm so that these can be readily connected to a range of your electronic gadgets.</p> <b>Noise-Free Phone Calls</b> <p>The EH-02A Wired Headphones feature an in-built microphone that has 6x5 mm diameter and allows you to chat with your friends and family over phone calls. The 58dB ±2dB sensitivity supported by this microphone ensures that the voice of the speakers gets conveyed in crystal-clarity for disturbance-free phone calling experience.</p>

₹ 200
₹ 99

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