Energy Sistem Tower Bluetooth Speaker Starts at Rs.4999

Amazon | Energy Sistem Tower Bluetooth Speaker Starts at Rs.4999

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Surrender to the sound of this Tower. More power and strength. Fill every corner of your home with your music thanks to the 45 W output power of this 2.1 stereo system with Bluetooth connection, FM Radio and MP3 playback from USB and microSD cards. Energy Sistem Features: Sound system 2.1 with power of 45 W Frequency response: 40 Hz ~ 18 KHz MicroSD card decoder with a capacity of up to 64 GB USB memory decoder with a capacity of up to 64 GB Audio playback formats (USB / SD): WAV and MP3 5 predefined EQ modes for USB and SD modes Repeat modes: repeat all, repeat one, random Radio Band: FM Frequency range of 87 MHz ~ 108 MHz Auxiliary inputs Analog stereo RCA input Analogue input Jack 3.5 mm Speakers 1 x Treble 5 W, 1.5 " 2 x Full range, 10 W, 3 " 1 x Subwoofer, 20 W, 4 " Bluetooth connection A2DP, AVRCP protocols Bluetooth v.4.1 Class II, up to 10 meters of reach Turning the device on and off Stand-by mode. Once plugged into the power outlet, turn on your Energy Tower by turning the switch on the back of the tower ON. From then on, you can turn it on and off from the Play - Pause button on the top panel, keeping it pressed for 2 seconds. We recommend that when you are not going to use the tower for a longer period of time, in addition to turning off the tower from the top panel, put the rear switch in the OFF position. Note: Once the rear switch is connected to the ON position, it is necessary to wait about 5 seconds for the Tower to turn on from the top panel.

₹ 10999
₹ 4999

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