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Sturdy gym equipment are always seen as being very expensive, not to mention prone to rust and gradual decay due to their all-metal construction. Getting them crafted out of non-toxic and eco friendly substances is the answer to a greener tomorrow along with a fitter body. Ecowellness products are also recyclable due to their eco friendly composition. Single Steel Rod for Basic Workout You can perform basic workout routines thanks to the Single Steel Rod present in the construction of the equipment. Steel Rods for Advance Cycling Workout If you need to ramp up your workout session, then you can also add to it and make it a two rod wheel for advanced workout routines. These routines can prove beneficial for the arms, abdomen and general upper body strength. Durable Thermoplastic Rubbers Wheel The wheel mechanism of the Ab Wheel Plus Ab Exerciser is composed of durable thermoplastic rubber which is excellent at providing enough grip for your workouts. Polyvinyl Chloride Hand Grip and Steel Rods Clamps The use of a Polyvinyl Chloride Hand Grip is ideal for long drawn workouts which involve a lot of sweat. The non-toxic grip will prevent any adverse reactions to irritate your skin. The added steel rods and clamps will fit well to provide you a wholesome workout experience.

₹ 590
₹ 284

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