DFS Classic Manual All Fruit and Vegetable JUICER (White)

Amazon | DFS Classic Manual All Fruit and Vegetable JUICER (White)

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For Quick and Delicious Juices Extracting these juices can be quite hectic task that is why Hand Fruit Juicer Machine is recommended, so you can make extraction process simple. If you are a Health & Beauty lover, you will definitely know how important fruits juices are important for your health. It comes with a stylish & colourful design that is easy to use. Making it an interesting addition to your kitchen. Easy To Clean & Well-Built Design This is made up of high-quality ABS plastic and steel juicer. You can make sure while using this all in one hand juicer that no liquid will be spilled out. It comes with strong rubber vacuum base, which keeps the hand juicer machine stable at one place. It is easy to clean, as you can detach this juicer easily. Now, enjoy fresh juices with the comfort of home.

₹ 349
₹ 249

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