Amazon | Lenovo K5 Note Mivi Military Grade AntiScratch Tempered Glass Screen Guard03mm Clear

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ltBRgtltBRgtltBgt9H hardnessltBgtltBRgt Our glass is made from industry leading 9H hardness mater which is as good as diamonds hardness ltBRgtltBRgtltBgtMilitary Grade AntiScratchltBgtltBRgt Our premium glass is 100 antiscratch We layer it with vacuum electroplating coating which is used to coat military helicopter to protect from adverse conditions ltBRgtltBRgtltBgtEasy BubbleFree installationltBgtltBRgt One touch install allows for an easy bubblefree and no fingerprint installation ltBRgtltBRgtltBgt03 mm Round Fit DesignltBgtltBRgt Super thin 033mm glass is precisely cut to fit up to the cur