Délicieux Keto Vegan Superfood Butter (Almonds,Walnut Hazelnut,chia,Flax)-200G℮

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Our Delicieux Superfood Butter (Almonds,Walnut Hazelnut,chia,Flax) is ultra-pure, made simply from Almonds,Walnut Hazelnut,chia,Flax . We roast Almonds,Walnut Hazelnut,chia,Flax until they are light brown and oozes out natural nutty aroma and blend it until get smooth consistency. Our Superfood Butter (Almonds,Walnut Hazelnut,chia,Flax) is freshly packed in the glass jar and natural oils will separate to top of the jar which is very natural. Mix well before using the almond butter.Each Superfood Butter (Almonds,Walnut Hazelnut,chia,Flax) jar is subjected to high level of quality check so you don't have worry about quality and taste. We specialise in making best Superfood Butter (Almonds,Walnut Hazelnut,chia,Flax) around the world and our features include No Added Sugar | No Salt | No Preservatives | Vegan | Palm Oil Free | Peanut Free | Dairy Free | Gluten Free | Lactose-Free. Almond butter is perfect replacement for jam or traditional dairy butter and be used on breakfast on toast ,oatmeal or fruit such as banana or apple.Best is via pre-workout snack with dates stuffed with Superfood Butter (Almonds,Walnut Hazelnut,chia,Flax) to get the best pump in the gym.All our jars are freshly packed and usually comes with 6months of storage life | Storage: Room temperature is ideal however we recommend to refrigerate once opened to preserve freshness |Type of Container: Glass Bottle.

₹ 762
₹ 481

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