Crystal CLASSIC Series Cookware Set(PTFE (Non-stick), 7 - Piece)

Flipkart | Crystal CLASSIC Series Cookware Set(PTFE (Non-stick), 7 - Piece)

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This set of kitchen appliances, features a flat tawa, kadhai, fry pan, a sauce pan, a tadka pan, a steel lid and a Spatula; fitted with removable handles. All these appliances with 2-layers of coating to ensure that your food gets cooked through uniform distribution of heat. With a thickness measuring 2.5 mm, the flat tawa measures 24 cm, with the kadhai and fry pan both measuring 24 cm with a common steel lid, a sauce pan 14 cms. Package contents : 240 mm Flat Tawa, 240 mm Kadhai, 240 mm Fry Pan, 240 mm Steel lid, 140mm Sauce Pan, a Tadka Pan and 1 spatula. The cookware set makes the most of a high quality stainless steel lid which can be used to cover the contents of food prepared using the wok and fry pan. aluminium cookware set offering those who cook regularly a great set of pans to make delicious dishes in. This set is equipped with detachable handles that are easy to hold and each one is a different size to suit different needs. Product Uses: For Cooking, Serving. Its perfect gifting Set.

₹ 3895
₹ 949

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