Colorbar Color Carnival Eyeshadow, Street Fair, 3.5g

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Pick a chic look for the day, an audacious look for the night or anything that falls in between, you can master it all with these array of single eye shadow shades. The range has got everything you need to create a range of day –and-night inspired looks. The shades were chosen to induce seduction and emotions through a mixture of matte, pearly, metallic and jewel shades. These super saturated shades melt perfectly into the skin to adapt every skin tone from cool skin tones to olive complexions to warm skin tones. They feature a unique wet/dry formula for a custom and professional finish. Each shade has a velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power and blend ability. With dozens of colors and textures to choose from, the combinations are truly endless.

₹ 550
₹ 210

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