Clean Air Car Freshener Spray - Bubble Gum - 100 ml

Amazon | Clean Air Car Freshener Spray - Bubble Gum - 100 ml

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100% ULTRA CONCENTRATED OIL SPRAY: Don’t you just hate it when you spray an area and the freshener magically disappears after a while? Don’t you worry about that anymore. Forget all those aerosol based sprays that last for a few minutes and enjoy the ultimate refreshment you truly deserve! BEST QUALITY OIL BASED SPRAY FOR ALL: Don’t compromise with something less than the best oil based spray on the market! We have this taken care of! Clean Air’s Car Spray has gathered the best quality fragrances and put them all in this(100ml) bottle! Give it a shot an you will smell the difference!IDEAL FOR ANY AREA THAT NEEDS FRESHNESS: Our freshener spray is perfect for unpleasant odors coming from the Car. Say goodbye to repellent odors in the office or in your car. MANY, MANY, MANY USES: With nearly 500 sprays per bottle, and 1-2 sprays per use, use it to remove odors, to have your room or car smell fresh, or just because! How many ways can YOU use it?NICE BOTTLE WITH EXTRA STRONG SCENT: This bottle carries the most potent and extra strong fragrance on the planet! After spraying you will instantly feel a soothing effect embracing you! the smell is pure perfection!

₹ 299
₹ 148

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