Cello Kleeno Plastic Clip and Fit Looped Mop (Red)

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We often splurge to enhance the beauty of our home, right from lovely furniture in spare room or guest room to time saving appliances in the kitchen. However, we don’t like to spend much time in cleaning and dusting our home when we are not expecting guest. Keeping home clean and hygienic is an everyday necessity. A healthy and hygienic surrounding helps maintaining good personal heath. The leading household brand cello introduces Kleeno premium household cleaning products aimed at making home cleaning less like chore and more convenient these impeccably designed easy to use and easy to maintain products range from toilet brushes, sink brushes, broom brushes, tile brushes, cob web brushes, dust pans, bathroom wipers, kitchen wipers to sponge wipes and utensils scrubs. All our products are designed and manufactured with long term durability in mind. You buy them and they are sure to give you high performance and easy cleaning.

₹ 329
₹ 199

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