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Healthgenie cardiology aluminium stethoscope grey hg-401g Healthgenie cardiology aluminium stethoscope 401 model is designed for cardio logical purposes. For the ones looking for an aluminium alloy based stethoscope, this is one of the best models. The aluminium alloy used is of premium quality which is used to make the frame and chest piece. It has a single head cone-shaped chest piece, which enables you to examine your patients efficiently. Suitable for doctors or medical students in this specific medical field. High quality pvc tubing, soft ear tips and ergonomic design, makes this model one of the most sought after stethoscope. Available in black and grey colours. It is light in weight, compact and so, it is easy to carry around. Warranty Healthgenie offers a 1 year warranty. You need to login or sign up at Healthgenie's website and create an account to activate your warranty period. This should be done within 30 days of your purchase.

₹ 999
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