Carbamide Forte Chelated Iron with Vitamin C, B12, Folic Acid & Zn Supplement – 100 Tablets
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Amazon | Carbamide Forte Chelated Iron with Vitamin C, B12, Folic Acid & Zn Supplement – 100 Tablets

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✅ MORE ENERGY, LESS FATIGUE, FEEL REJUVENATED : Our iron tablets for women & men ensures optimal iron levels critical for Energy & Cognitive Function, Strong Immune System, Reproductive Health and Red Blood Cell Formation – the complete blood builder!.✅ FAST ACTING, QUICK RESULTS : Clinically proven to be Highly Absorbable, our Chelate Iron Supplement contains the best iron: Ferrous Bisglycinate coupled with Vitamin C, Zinc, B12 plus Folic Acid. These ingredients help red blood cell formation and ensure faster acting results. Ideal for women, men, prenatal, post-operative, or teenagers who maybe low in iron or suffer from anemia..✅ GENTLE ON THE STOMACH, NO TUMMY UPSETS, NAUSEA, CONSTIPATION OR DIARRHOEA : Our Natural Iron Chelate (Ferrous Glycinate) has been specifically formulated to reduce the incidence of stomach upsets and diarrhoea.✅ EASY TO SWALLOW, NO BAD AFTERTASTE : This small capsule has been moulded to ensure its effortless to swallow without any lingering aftertaste! SWALLOW, NO BAD AFTERTASTE– This Small and Easy to Swallow capsule has been specifically designed to make it effortless to take and doesn’t leave you with any lingering aftertaste!.✅ 100% VEGETARIAN & GMP Manufactured : Our Iron Supplement is manufactured in an ISO approved and GMP certified facility. It is 100% Vegetarian, Gluten Free, NON-GMO, Dairy Free, Soy Free & Paraben Free.

₹ 850
₹ 499

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