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8x stand Portable and detachable telescopic stand, Take photo with your devices at any time Compatible with all types of smartphones. The phone can only take myopia but can't take pictures of far view, let vision clear representation of your eyes. Smart design for focusing longer distance when taking photo or video, A perfect Zoom Lens kit for photographic lovers with a Smartphone. Turn your Smart phone into a camera with a 8X optical zoom in a minute with this cool optical telescope lens. This product comes with an 8X zoom optical telescope lens, clip holder stand for all phones. It fits your phone snugly and magnifies the image in the camera by twelve times. and produces sharp images for you. Best of all, the lens comes with a manual focus allowing you to take DSLR quality photos with your mobile phone. It?s very easy to use too. No worry about wiring or batteries. Just attach your iPhone to the protective back cover and it?s done! Features: - Instantly converts your any mobile into a telescope - 100% brand new and have good quality - Turns your any mobile into a professional camera - Great for taking pictures from a distance - Take super wide angle pictures with large luminous flux - Higher visual acuteness 8X Telescope lens for Smart phones Attaching directly to your Mobile,this telephoto lens will instantly make your Mobile a Camera capable of taking Photos of things which are Far and further away from you by zooming with this lens.

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₹ 1399
₹ 729

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