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The world of business statistics has grown larger, expanding into and combining with otherdisciplines. And, in a reprise of something that occurred a generation ago, new fields of study –this time with names such as informatics, data analytics and decision science – have emerged.The seventh edition of Business Statistics presents a comprehensive study of all thesedevelopments while retaining the rich pedagogy and style of the earlier editions.The guiding philosophy of the book has been to help students see the relevance of statistics intheir own careers by providing examples drawn from the functional areas in which they may bespecializing. The cases and learnings will give students ample practice in understanding how toapply statistics to business and to familiarize students with the use of spreadsheet and statisticalsoftware.Getting Started: Important Things to Learn First: Created to help students get a jumpstarton the course and provide coverage of those things that would be helpful to know even beforethe first class of the termStudent Tips: In-margin notes that reinforce hard-to-master concepts and provide quick studytips for mastering important detailsPH Stat version 4.1: For Microsoft Excel users, this successor to the PHStat2 statistics add-incontains several new and enhanced procedures, is simpler to set up and run and iscompatible with both Microsoft Windows and (Mac) OS X Excel versionsAdditional Chapter Short Takes: Online PDF documents (available for download asexplained in Appendix C) that provide additional insights or explanations to importantstatistical concepts or details about the results presented in this bookTable of content: Defining and Collecting Data 112 Organizing and Visualizing Variables 333 Numerical Descriptive Measures 994 Basic Probability 1495 Discrete Probability Distributions 1836 The Normal Distribution 2077 Sampling Distributions 2348 Confidence Interval Estimation 2589 Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing: One-Sample Tests 29410 Two-Sample Tests and ANOVA 33511 Chi-Square Tests 40212 Simple Linear Regression 43013 Multiple Regression 48114 Statistical Applications in Quality Management (online) 14-115 Decision Analysis (online) 15-116 Forecasting (online) 16-1

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₹ 699
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