Bull 4 Socket,4 Switch,3 M Wire Extension Board (White)

Amazon | Bull 4 Socket,4 Switch,3 M Wire Extension Board (White)

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Bull is the world’s largest manufacturer of extension boards–producing more than 200,000,000 units per year. It is the OEM for many leading extension board brands in the world. Having established its presence in Germany, UK, USA, Japan and France, the company is expanding its base in India. Ramptel solutions is the exclusive importer and marketing partner of these products in India. Bull has quality and innovations as its two most important pillars. It has more than 300 patents to its name and have a dedicated R&D team that uses the most specialized material and technology to provide customers with a safe and comfortable environment for using electricity, thus improving life quality. The company uses stringent American and European quality standards and each product has to go through over 300 tests before it is approved for marketing. Bull has established an international standard laboratory that is officially certified by the US-based professional certification organization UL. After years of growth, its testing center has developed capabilities and methods that measure up to China's and IEC standards for plugs, sockets and cables and up to the standard testing requirements of 30 countries including the US, Japan and European countries.

₹ 849
₹ 545

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