Bliss of Earth™ 100% Pure Damascena Rose Water | 100ml | Steam Distilled | Facial Toner With Uplifting Floral Aroma | Food Grade | Pure Gulab Jal |

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Enchanting, uplifting and enlivening – That’s precisely how the aroma of rose enwraps one in its arms. Regarded highly in the beauty and cosmetics industry for its skin-benefitting virtues, this eternal symbol of romance is brimming with benefits for your skin, particularly if it is sensitive, dry or parched. Bliss of Earth’s 100% pure and natural rose water is obtained through the steam distillation of exquisitely hand-picked Rosa Damascena petals – one of the most prized variants of rose throughout the world. Not only does the inclusion of our finest rose water in your skin care routine would help balance the pH level of your skin but also leave it fresh, dewy and kissed by one of Nature’s most treasured flowers. With its bewitching aroma that acts as a buffer against stress, our pure rose water helps close skin’s pores thereby prevent the entry of dirt, dust particles and pimple-causing bacteria around us. During summers, its topical application helps instantly calm down sunburnt skin. Scratch the surface and you’ll the get the cue: It’s a saviour when unwinding at beaches! Suitable for use by anyone and everyone, in fact all skin types Bliss of Earth’s 100% Pure & Natural Rose Water has multiple feathers in its hat – It is handmade, cruelty-free and free from all kinds of nasties such as – parabens, silicones, alcohol, phthalates, and what not (that actually aggravate skin problems instead of aiding its repair) Give your skin some respite with a few sprays of this magical potion and see how your skin oozes an enviable natural radiance of its own!

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₹ 425
₹ 183

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