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Black Raisins Are Rich In B Vitamins, Iron And Potassium And Are Also A Good Source Of Energy-Producing Carbohydrates. When Added To Milk And Cereal/Oatmeal Or Green Salads, It Makes A Wholesome And Nutritious Meal. Munching On These As It Is Instead Of Oil/Sugar Rich Snacks May Help In Controlling Weight. Also, Our Black Raisins Are Great For Baking Delicious Cookies, Cakes And Chocolates.These kali kishmish are made from 'RESIDUE FREE' Export Quality Grape. These raisins are bigger, Nutritious, sweet, Healthy and delicious in taste. These kala resins are are very popular among all ages and commonly used as snacks, in cuisines, desserts. Great Source of Anti oxidants; Fat Free; Cholesterol Free; Sodium free. Good Source of Energy; Ideal for athletes, young people, Trekkers etc. Excellent for curing weakness, Anemia, Indigestion and Acidity. They are recommended to elderly people and even diabetic patients. Made from Fresh Crop 2019 Season Grapes. The material feature of the product is vegetarian and comes with the shelf life of 6 months.

₹ 350
₹ 139

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