BETALA FRAGRANCE Guggal Sambrani 24 Incense Cups Box with Holder Plate (24)

Amazon | BETALA FRAGRANCE Guggal Sambrani 24 Incense Cups Box with Holder Plate (24)

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About Brand : BETALA FRAGRANCE is known for modernizing the skills of artisans and introducing the traditional and authentic creations to the world About Product : Gugal Sambrani Dhoop Cups are used in India from more then 3000 years to remove negativity, for pooja use, spiritual purpose, also for meditation, yoga, ceremony, aesthetic, medicinal, healing and mosquito removing purpose Common benefits of our Sambrani Dhoop Cup : ✓ Freshen up mind and body ✓ Lighten up the mood ✓ Relieves stress and anxiety ✓ Improves sleep quality Safer alternative of chemical air fresheners : Made with high quality ingredients Natural flavor Dhup Cups with pleasant aroma Guggal fragrance Pack The most amazing popular flavour of all time 200 gram Dhoop Cup box with long lasting fragrance (1 cup lasts for approx. 30 minutes) Pack contains 24 cups of 8 gram cup each Steel Burner Plate included in the box Unlike cones, incense sticks, powder and other forms of fragrance diffusers it emits lesser smoke and more fragrance Fits in most (Tibetan, Imported, Chinese, Korean, Japanese) dhoop cup holders, stands, ash catchers, trey or plates | Buy this authentic Sambrani Dhoop Cups for pooja room or gift it to your dear ones to enjoy variety of exotic fragrances |

₹ 399
₹ 190

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