Benesta Modern Engineered Wood Portable Laptop Table(Finish Color - Orange)

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We all deserve a little break from sitting in those uncomfortable chairs and stool. Why not work or study from the comfort of your bed? With Benesta, our folding laptop table gives you the luxury of staying where you find yourself the most comfortable and doing whatever you need or want from there! Get some homework done, read a book, or just casually scroll through your timeline right from bed or your couch! PRODUCT FEATURES Flat Surface Allows Computer Air Flow and Cooling, Prevents Overheating Adjustable and Portable Design Fully Assembled with Foldable Legs Flip top Design With Adjustable Tilt Angle Durable Design Versatile and Convenient Saves Space A Must Have for laptop users Available in 6 Colors: Blue, Yellow, green, orange, black, pink and walnut. SUPERIOR COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE If you're looking to stay cozy in your bed and still be able to do your normal everyday tasks, you'll find a best friend in this laptop desk. Fully designed to accommodate any laptop so you can easily take a load off and do work, study, or chill right from your bed. It comes fully assembled so you never need to do anything but unfold the legs and adjust it to your desired position. ELEGANT DESIGN One thing you can always count on is our products being able to magically fit into any interior design with ease! Simple and elegant design makes sure it always becomes one with your home's decor. It comes with different color variations so you can choose the color combination you like best! A GREAT SPACE SAVER This desk is great in any living area no matter how big or small! It's compact and barely takes up any room. Hide it behind the sofa, under your bed or anywhere and pull it out when you need it. Get this lap desk today and enjoy high quality and superior design with Benesta!

₹ 999
₹ 594

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