Amazon | Juarez Blues Harmonica Mouth Organ Wind Instrument, Rich Performance Sound, Professional Level, 24 holes, 48 tones, Key of C, Silver/Green, with Blue Box

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JUAREZ BLUES HARMONICA HRM555 This Harmonica has 24 Holes and a Total of 48 Tones. Easy to Play. <br><br> With this Harmonica, You Can Basically Play all the Common Songs & Hymns. This Harp Can be Used for Any Style, Including Celtic, Classical, Jazz, or Blues (Commonly in Third Position). <br><br>This Chromatic Harmonica Has a Full, Rich and Beautiful Sound. It is in the Key of "C". It Was Personally Selected for Its Good Quality and Durability. <br><br>It is Crafted with Light Weight Construction Including Metal Covers, Brass Reed Plates and