Baltra Legend BTI125 1200-Watt Steam Iron (Assorted)

Amazon | Baltra Legend BTI125 1200-Watt Steam Iron (Assorted)

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Baltra Legend steam iron houses steam vents on the sole plate. These steam vents evenly distribute the steam in strong bursts and helps to flatten out difficult creases. Hence, giving you immediate pressed quality, leaving your clothes looking crisp and new in half the time. Baltra Legend steam Iron comes with multiple temperature settings, which means that you can customize your ironing according to the fabric type. As we know that different fabrics need different temperatures to be ironed properly. Hence, this dry iron has an adjustable knob to help set temperature in accordance with the nature of fabric. Excessively high temperature can ruin electrical components. In the event of thermal overloading, the thermal fuse breaks the circuit and protects it from any electrical damage. The purpose is to reduce power risk, electric shock and injuries caused due to overheating. Baltra Legend steam iron has a 360 degree free movement swivel cord for you to move the iron effortlessly in every direction. This 360 degree free movement avoids the possibility of tangled wires and keeps your hands and wrist stress free. Baltra Legend steam iron makes your iron job quite easy because of its compact and lightweight structure. It’s extremely light weight and therefore, very handy to use. Its compact design and light weight allows you to carry it with you where ever you need.

₹ 1250
₹ 600

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