Auto Air Freshner Dispenser(DSI_01_White_Standard)

Amazon | Auto Air Freshner Dispenser(DSI_01_White_Standard)

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The Automatic perfume dispenser, can release fragrance automatically and eliminate odors in the air, especially good for the bedroom, restroom, pets room, hotel and mall, bring fresh and pleasant scent for you and your family :) Light sensor can sense the light changes and spray interval setting at 5,10,15 or 20 minutes, Three working model 24h and day and Night can be choose. Unique wall mounted design, can be easily hang on the wall and placed on the desk. A bottle of 300 ML perfume sprayer can spray 3000 times, covers an area of 20m Recyclable and corrosion resistant. Air Dispenser Application: Office House Hospital Factory Features: Easy to install Easy to refill Light in weight

₹ 1999
₹ 1399

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