Atlanta Healthcare HEPA Pure ® Medipure ® MF-01 MotoFresh Elite Car Air Purifier for SUV/Sedan

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Commuting by a car becomes necessary when traveling to work or travelling to a destination that is not at a walking destination from your house. However, while commuting you are exposed to toxic pollutants that are almost 12 times more dangerous when confined in a closed space. According to a range of experiments, some as far as far back as 2001, have shown that drivers inside vehicles are exposed to far high levels of pollution than those walking or cycling along the same urban route. The pollutants are generated from the nearby vehicular emissions. Especially, the emissions directly being released by the vehicle immediately in front of yours. The pollutants find their way inside through the air circulation system installed in your car. The pollutants inside a car come largely from gasoline and diesel exhaust fumes and include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, toluene, and formaldehyde (known or suspected carcinogens), carbon monoxide (which interferes with the blood’s ability to transport oxygen), nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter (both coarse and fine particles). Many of these are especially hazardous for people with respiratory problems or heart disease. Fine particulate matter from heavy traffic can trigger heart attacks and strokes in susceptible people, usually within hours of exposure, studies have shown. But even in healthy people these compounds can affect heart rate and rhythm and other cardiovascular functions as well as increase markers for inflammation and blood clotting. Particulate matter can cause congestion, sinus and throat irritation, and chest discomfort; it can aggravate asthma. Some pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, benzene, and toluene, can also cause drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, and headaches. Atlanta Healthcare presents HEPA Based Car Air Purifiers for you to be able to breathe pure air while driving your car. MotoPure Ultra and MotoFresh Elite are suited for hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs. Both of the products are powered with dual fan technology [first time in India] to support Highest CADR of 15m3/hr in the market. Atlanta Healthcare Car Air Purifiers, the most powerful Car Air Purifiers in market today are equipped with 4 stage filtration for high efficiency - HEPA, Activated Carbon, Ionizer and Anti-Bacterial Guard to filter air inside your car within 10 minutes. Salient Features of Atlanta Healthcare Car Air Purifiers: Dual Fan Technology - First Time in India Highest CADR among other Car Air Purifiers - 15 m3/hr 4 Stages of Filtration including HEPA Provides purification against - PM2.5/PM10, Smoke, Virus, Bacteria, Odour, Gases / TOC, Formaldehyde, Pet Dander etc. Purifies the vehicle within 10 minutes One Touch Operation Do-It-Yourself operations Best in Class Quality

₹ 6950
₹ 3740

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