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Assassin's Creed III is one on the most awaited games and the developers have not disappointed the fans. This game is the third installment in the Assassin's Creed series and is the standard edition of the game. Assassin's Creed has a loyal following of hard core gamers who are fans of playing action games with the element of stealth and surprise involved. Enter a world where action, adventure, stealth occur in an open world where your character is free to roam anywhere and perform stunts to escape from your enemies. This version of the game is for the PlayStation 3 and was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. PEGI has given this exciting game a rating of 18 plus due to the graphic nature of the violence in the game. ESRB has rated Assassin's Creed III as M for Mature gamers as the game involves blood, intense violence, sexual themes and strong language. Synopsis and Features Assassin's Creed III is set against the backdrop of the American Revolution during the late 18th century. The hero is a half-Native American and half-English named Connor Kenway who takes up arms after his village gets destroyed by European colonists. The game switches between Connor and his father Haytham Kenway�and in order to give you a full understanding of the story. The story begins with the discovery of a temple in a cave in New York by Desmond and his family, who then use the Apple to access the structure at which point the story reverts back to Haytham. Haytham manages to steal a medallion from a patron at the London Opera by murdering him. Haytham and his associates speculate that the medallion is actually a key to a storehouse of Those Who Came Before. Haytham is dispatched to the American Colonies to find the storehouse and on the way manages to kill a local slave owner. One of the Mohawk slaves, Zoii, agrees to help Haytham after he kills General Braddock. In due course it is revealed that Haytham and his associates are actually part of the ancient Templars. The game switches to Connor who discovers his village is destroyed when he returns back to speak to the Elders of the village. At this point he learns from Minerva that he is a guardian to the Temple and that he must travel east to find the Assassins. Shocked by the devastation of his village Connor vows to take revenge on the powerful group who are seeking to crush the American Revolution and control the 13 colonies. Game play in Assassin's Creed III has undergone a complete overhaul with the introduction of the new Anvil Next game engine which is able to deliver stunning breakthroughs in motion capture, animation and artificial intelligence technology. These enhanced features are able to deliver more realistic interactions and character animations when playing. This game features both single player campaigns and multiplayer modes for you to have fun with your friends. Multiplayer modes include Wanted mode, Manhunt mode, Deathmatch mode, Artifact assault mode, Domination mode, Assassinate mode and Wolfpack mode. In multiplayer mode you can play on multiplayer maps such as Virginia plantation, Boston North End, New York Brewery, Fort Wolcott and Animus Core. As the American assassin you can use your predatory instincts to kill your enemies by stalking them. Pursue your enemies through a massive open world environment like city streets and massive blood-soaked battlefields. Meet historical figures like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and bear witness to the real conspiracy behind the American Revolution. With all-new characters, maps, modes and a new combat system this game is set to raise the level of realism and introduces the gamer to revolutionary game physics, animations and a realistic weather system. �

₹ 1299
₹ 99

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