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An Aryan Journey, authored by Harsh Mahaan Cairae, attempts to delve into the mystery of the early history of the Indo – Aryans and their entry to India, which still happens to be a unknown. Summary of the Book The author has compiled this brilliant, educative work after referring, studying and doing his thorough research about the origin of the Aryans, their arrival to India and the legacy they have supposedly left behind in the form of literature. But unlike most of the theories, the author asserts that the Aryans came into the nation on trade ships and it was the people of the Indus Valley Civilization who even let them to live amongst them. There are many references to Vedas and Zoroastrian epics and scriptures. A source also claims that the Zoroastrianism also belonged to the same ethnic stock as the Aryans. A must have history aficionados. About Harsh Mahaan Cairae Harsh Mahaan Cairae is an Indian scholar, philosopher and writer. His specialization is the Vedas, which happens to be his chief interest. He is an ardent student of religion and philosophy. He has thoroughly studied the epics and scared scriptures of many religions, including the Zoroastrian and the Vedas. He is currently working on deciphering the Indo-Aryan code written in historical works.

₹ 336
₹ 148

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