AmazonBasics Multifunction Detachable Kitchen Shears/Scissors

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Multipurpose Shears for a Wide Variety of Uses, Whether it’s cutting, peeling, scaling, cracking nuts or even snipping, the AmazonBasics Multifunction Come-Apart Shears are an ideal tool to possess in your kitchen toolbox. From deboning and scaling fish to opening bottle caps and peeling vegetables, these shears can perform a multitude of tasks with relative ease. Featuring steel teeth at the centre, you can use these shears to crack tough nuts as well as seafood shells. Made from High Quality Materials for Long-Lasting Use, Featuring sharp stainless steel blades, the AmazonBasics Multifunction Come-Apart Shears can easily cut and slice through most household and kitchen tasks with ease. The high quality material retains sharpness even with regular use. At the base, this tool features ergonomically contoured handles that provide a comfortable and non-slip grip to help you perform your tasks without any hiccups. Unique Design for Versatile Use, Featuring a come-apart design for added versatility, the AmazonBasics Multifunction Come-Apart Kitchen Shears can be easily disassembled and the individual pieces can be used for performing tasks such as peeling, cutting or opening bottle caps. Furthermore, this unique design also facilitates easy cleaning of the sheers by simply using warm water and a mild detergent.

₹ 295
₹ 149

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