Altum Mini 4 in 1 Desktop Multi Functional Electric Household Sewing Machine

Amazon | Altum Mini 4 in 1 Desktop Multi Functional Electric Household Sewing Machine

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Follow these simple steps: (Without the Foot Pedal): 1. Lift the needle (R) above the presser foot (F) by turning the hand wheel (K) slightly in clockwise direction (away from you) 2. Raise the presser foot (F) by lifting up on the lever on the rear of the machine above the presser foot bar position. Make certain seam direction is toward you, aligned with the presser foot F) with seam location directly under the needle (R). 3. Position fabric to be sewn under the presser foot (F) with presser foot (F) in raised 4. Lower the presser foot (F) by releasing the presser foot lever (G) downward. 5. Rotate the hand wheel (K) in a clockwise direction two full turns to lock and start s Stop. for is extended out. Low speed, button is in, flush with machine. Use low speed for work which requires a lot of stopping, starting and turning fabric. Use high speed long uninterrupted seams. 6. Select speed by pressing speed button (L) on face of machine. 7. Turn power switch (A) to ""ON"" position 8. Gently guide the fabric to keep the seam straight by pressing lightly down with your fingertips on both sides as it feeds through the presser toot (F) 9. When the seam is finished, turn switch (A) off 1O. Raise the needle (R) above the fabric by turning the hand wheel (K) slightly in a clockwise direction 11.Raise presser foot (F) by lifting the presser foot lever (G) 12. Pull fabric toward you leaving about lO inches of thread between the fabric and machine. 13. Cut thread close to fabric, leaving excess thread loosely lying on the sewinu deck in the direction of the presser foot (F) and toward you. 14. Begin the next seam in the same manner as above by following operating steps above. TO USE THE FOOT PEDAL: follow steps 1- 14 on previous page with these exceptions) 1. Make certain machine is in ""Off"" position.

₹ 4399
₹ 989

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