ALPINO Groove On-Ear Bluetooth Headsets (Purple)

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HD clarity sound- Groove into your music, Wander into the world of bliss with with high quality AP sound. For a true music lover Metallic outer casing- Strong, durable and reliable. Scratch proof metallic body outclassing the very best among the best Comfortably yours- Snug fit, sweat proof cushion, along with its noise cancelling ability makes it your perfect party budy, gymming buddy and a travel mate. Tells you what you want to hear, making it your in-separable partner. Classy Connectivity: Easy and quality bluetooth connectivity connectivity with all devices, laptops, mobile phones, be it android or iOS. Flexible, foldable body: Foldable and adjustable body, makes a backpack fit.

₹ 1999
₹ 999

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