All Time Basic Plastic Container Set, 16-Pieces, Green

Amazon | All Time Basic Plastic Container Set, 16-Pieces, Green

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This stylish, lightweight and versatile range of containers is the ideal way to store your cooking ingredients. They are calibrated for easy measurement, and their special nesting feature makes them easy to store. All Time Basic containers are designed in a modular manner and are perfect for fridge or ambient storage. This are available in different sizes, so you can choose the perfect container for your every need. Ideal Uses - Basic Containers are versatile and are commonly used to store a wide variety of items - ranging from food and cooking ingredients to cutlery, stationery, art supplies, jewellery and Knick-Knacks, etc.. A one stop shop for all your kitchenware needs at all times. 99 percent Safe is Meaningless; Safety has to be 100 percent, All Time. Safer, smarter, superior therefore the All Time Best.

₹ 700
₹ 304

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