Agro Fresh Broken Wheat, 500g

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Agro Fresh believes that our reputation must be based on the quality of our products. We have travelled across the country to handpick the finest quality products at the best possible rates. Agro Fresh have been in the market for the past 12 years and we have tied up with all major offline retail majors. Our products are subjected to rigorous quality control procedures throughout the procurement and packaging processes. It is our constant endeavor to provide widest possible range to consumer and now have an ever expanding range of selections across cereals, rice, pulses, sugar, dry fruits, spices and flours. We maintain great taste and guaranteed quality throughout the year and our products are sure to be your new favorites after your first purchase. Agro Fresh Wheat Broken - After the wheat is prepared by milling whole wheat kernels, they are cleaned and husked. This is a treat for people who are looking healthier nutritious ways to control their diet. It is packed with fiber and manganese which are essential for the body.

₹ 41
₹ 22

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