Flipkart | Acromax Self Balancing E Scooter 65 Electric Scooters Scooter

2 Y
 Max Speed 12kmhcontain15kmhno contain Distance around 1520kmdepends on riders weight road conditions etc Max tilt around 1530depends on riders weight Battery 36V44AH158WH lithium battery highest power 500Wcontain1000Wno contain Using temperature 1040recommending at 1030 Max load 100kgs Charging Voltage AC110240V 5060HZ Charging Time Around 60120 Mins 30 Mins to 80 Speed Protection 10kmhcontain15kmhno contain Low Battery Protection when battery is lower than 10 it will slow down and finally stop working Size 584186178mm Tyre size 65 inch  weight 125kg power switch LED works when turned on and