Amazon | GIZGA Essentials 3D Virtual Reality Glasses Box Headset for 35 inch to 55 inch Android iOS Smartphone Blacks

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This VR glasses can be used with smartphone with screen size of 35 inches up to 55 inches max With the VR glasses user will be able to experience movies games and virtual reality in 3D ltpgtltbgtSpecificationsltbgtltbrgt Physical size  168113100mmltbrgtFor smartphone  3555 inches screen ltbrgtVR glasses weight 270gltbrgtFocal length  7075mm ltbrgtAdjustable range  6575mm ltbrgtInterPupillary distance  5872mmltbrgt ltpgtltbgtMaterialltbgt ABS material piano paint technology LensJapan manufactured aspheric lens Anti distortion Screen Size Supported 40 inch55 inch Screen Resolution Supported 720P